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If you are interested in booking Lee Mirabai Harrington for a kirtan, mantra music or mantra-medicine event,contact Lee’s team at mirabaimantra[at]gmail.com. You may also contact Lee’s team for interview requests and/or an Electronic Press Kit (EPK).

Read on to see what people are saying about Lee

Thank you for such a blessed experience Saturday. I cherished every moment and was still vibrating still all day Sunday. I was vibrating for days...


Nancy N., April 2019

We attended your Kirtan in Surfside/Myrtle Beach Unity Church and it was life changing! It brought everything I thought I believed into one space inside of me and all around us in the group. Incredible! Where I used to crank Journey (the band) now I crank your version of “Om Mani Peme Hum” driving down the road 🙂 !  There was a Buddhist healing mantra and the one at the end–I saw COLORS…no, that’s not accurate, I FELT COLORS. I am doing a solo backpacking journey as a healing quest in the next couple of months and would love to be able to take them with me. Thank you Ma’am…thank you so much. Continued healing and blessings to you and through you.

Rebecca H., February 2020

Buddhist Mantra Kirtan led by Lee Mirabai Harrington is a cosmic joyride through universes of Buddha Nature. Chant yourself to Boddhicitta, replace other’s suffering with bliss and rock out with her cool band. Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha.

Wynne Paris, founder of Lovelight Festivals, 2017

“Thank you for an incredibly beautiful evening. The night flew by, swept away on a glorious river of mantra. My dog Samson loved the vibes that traveled home with me.  Thanks again Lee for creating a very special gathering and to all of the amazing souls in the room last night.”


Debbie I., August 2018

“I’m an empath and an energy healer and when Lee sings I can feel the Ascended Masters joining us in the room, showering us with transmissions and blessings. I saw colors, sacred geometry, lights. This is the deepest most powerful kirtan my husband and I have every attended. Totally cleansing.”

Don, Naples FL, 2018

I am so grateful for [Lee’s] compassionate transmission of these sacred incantations. [Her set at Shaktifest 2017] was the most profound heart opening moment I have ever known. The goddess truly resides in [Lee’s] sacred inner heart.

Santosh Powell, Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Philospher, meditation instructor and Shaktifest attendee

A wonderful album….Harrington’s mesmeric voice [takes] you on a spiritually inspiring musical journey, and the album perfectly suits the pace of a yoga flow class. Highly recommended!

Yoga Magazine UK, ALBUM REVIEW, May 2017

With her debut album, Lee Mirabai Harrington positions herself at the top of the international chant scene.. a groovy yet deeply resonating mix..which takes the listener to a place which is above all.


Lee Harrington has created one of the most beautiful kirtan CDS ever…[BEYOND THE BEYOND] is a great album…in a category of its own.

WRPI radio (NY public radio)

I am loving Lee Mirabai Harrington’s album “Beyond the Beyond: A Mantra Music Experience.” She has such a beautiful voice & the diversity of tracks is awesome! I love how she layers her voice with upbeat instrumentals and Tibetan monks chanting – amazing! This is definitely a unique & refreshing mantra music experience! I highly recommend this album!

Stephanie Saba, owner Sun Moon Healing Arts

Lee Mirabai Harrington’s debut album, Beyond The Beyond, is a playful marriage of Kirtan with gospel, blues, and an undercurrent of jazz. The earthiness of her voice presents the listener with a grounded voyage of spirit.


Lee Harrington’s debut album, Beyond the Beyond, is a fluid and uplifting blend of sacred mantras from various traditions that fills the atmosphere with a blessed feeling of peace and healing.

David Newman (Durga Das)

[Beyond the Beyond is a] really splendid album combining mantras of different traditions. Great production!

Ram Dass, music producer

We love the style and diversity of this album! Beyond The Beyond: A Mantra Music Experience is a beautiful addition to every yogi’s music library!


[BEYOND THE BEYOND] is a stellar first offering from a humble, compassionate, strong Goddess with a voice that shoots straight to the soul.

Brenda Patoine, The Bhakti Beat

[Lee’s music is] warm and soulful….her singing reflects her deep, devotional heart.”

Jai Uttal, Internationally renowned kirtan artist

BEYOND THE BEYOND offers…eight tunes that stir the soul and put a skip in your step. ‘Shiva Shakti’ is a disco-flavored foot stomper, while ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ is a mini-religious experience.” (Whole Life Times Dec 2016)


Neal Braverman, Whole Life Times magazine

The multi-talented Mirabai Harrington has stepped up to the bat with this impressive and dauntless debut album. The music is accessible, using contemporary grooves while bringing ancient wisdom to the forefront. Supported by stellar musicians, Mirabai’s voice is deeply memorable and grounded in vibrant earthy tones. The rich sound and variety is sure to attract a wide audience of listeners.

Vish and Vrinda Sheth, The Mayapuris

Lee’s music transports the listener to a beautiful celebration of inner peace and uplifting joy.


Avasa and Matthew Love

[Beyond the Beyond is] an impressive and dauntless debut album…stellar, earthy and deeply memorable.

Vrinda and Vish Sheth of The Mayapuris

Lee Mirabai Harrington brings a spirited and devotion-infused approach to mantra singing. Her beautiful voice and heart combine with the depth of the ancient healing mantras that she sings, to produce a magical experience for the listener. I love Lee’s kirtans and her new album!

Brenda McMorrow

Original air date: January 29, 2017
World-renowned host Shayne Locke featured tracks from BEYOND THE BEYOND as part of his “Best of 2016” conscious music episode. Soul Traveller is also offering a FREE DOWNLOAD of this track for a limited time.


Last night’s kirtan [with Lee Mirabai Harrington] was absolutely celestial. When chanting to the Divine takes me to that place where I can no longer tell whose voice is whose, including the sounds coming out of this mouth, when the boundaries are dissolved because the Shakti is flaming, THAT for me is the heart and soul, the pure rasa of kirtan. Then Lee’s layering of her beautiful improvs on the top was like sprinkling angel dust over us. Thank you!

Uma Valerie Carruthers, writer, Reiki master, kirtan addict, Deland FL

‘Whether she’s softly humming or unleashing her considerable voice, Harrington is a thrill to listen to. All in all, an enthralling debut.’

Whole Life Times, December 2016/January 2017 issue

WHOLE LIFE TIMES - ALBUM REVIEWDecember 2016/January 2017 issue

Lee Mirabai Harrington is one of the best-kept secrets in the chant world. Her debut album will take you deep into the placid waters of ancient Tibetan Buddhist mantras and lift you high with soaring call-and-response classics reinvented from Hindu and Sikh traditions. A CD for all ages; timeless, mesmerizing, healing, transcendent…superbly produced and featuring some of Western kirtan’s most beloved musicians. Get in on the secret, and Go Beyond.

Harrington’s vocal arrangements are perfect. Although [she] is a newcomer on the devotional music/chant scene, her [album] release shows depth and maturity. BEYOND THE BEYOND reminds you that mantra can be communal and exhilarating as well as private and mysterious.


Lee was featured in the BHAKTI FOCUS section of BhaktiFest’s newsletter as a “special and much loved members of the Bhakti Fest community.” Read the review (which includes a free song download link).

BEYOND THE BEYOND was featured in Spirituality & Health’s annual “recommended gifts” section.

Lee was profiled in the Fall 2016 issue by yogi Teresa Neuhaus. We chatted about the healing powers of music, the many benefits of chanting mantras, and why “Om Mani Padme Hum” is Lee’s “desert island” mantra. Lee, with “a voice that shoots straight to the soul,”  also offered advice for people who are new to kirtan.


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