Into The Beyond

This limited-edition, boutique pressing EP is dedicated to my teacher Ogyen Trinley Dorje, the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa. When I learned back in February 2015 that His Holiness was going to be visiting New York in April 2015, I was still in the midst of recording my album, Beyond the Beyond. I felt inspired to fast-track the three Buddhist mantra songs from Beyond the Beyond so that I would be able to offer something tangible to His Holiness when he arrived.  My logical mind kept insisting that fast-tracking these three songs was a crazy idea—the songs were elaborate, and still needed a great deal of work back then—but my heart told me to go for it. And so we did. I humbly offer this music to His Holiness and all listeners everywhere. May all beings benefit from the healing vibrations of this mantra music. (Released 4/18/15)

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+Track Credits

Om Mani Peme Hum (Chenrezig’s Jam) – featuring Lamas Karma Drodhul and Karma Thendup of Karma Triyana Dharmachakra Monastery

Lee Harrington-Vocals, harmonium, Tibetan bells

Backing Vocals-Lama Karma Drodhul, Lama Karma Thendup, Irene Soléa, Janna Hearn, Satya Franche Carlson Straus

MUSICIANS: Steve Bloom–Percussion | Hans Christian–Cello, sarangi | Steve Gorn–Soprano saxophone | Radha Gopinath Martinelli – Tabla | Anthony Molina-Guitars, bass | Holly Montgomery–Bass | Wynne Paris – Guitar

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha (Homage to Green Tara) – featuring Drukmo Gyal Dakini singing the “Twenty-One Praises to Tara”

Lee Harrington–Vocals

Backing vocals: Drukmo Gyal Dakini, Karma Drodhul, Karma Thendup, Irene Soléa, Janna Hearne

MUSICIANS: Steve Bloom–Percussion / Hans Christian–Sarangi / Steve Gorn–Flute / Radha Gopinath Martinelli–Tabla / Anthony Molina-Guitars, piano, bass / Holly Montgomery – Bass / Wynne Paris–Guitar / Gaura Vani–Harmonium

Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Soha (Beyond the Beyond) – featuring Karma Thendup, Gaura Vani, John James, Keith Fluitt, Satya Franche Carlson Straus and the Prajnaparamita Choir

Lee Harrington–Vocals, Bells, Dorje

Backing Vocals: Calia Marshall, Helen Styring Tocci, Kim Lesley, Carolyn Rashmi Pierce and featuring John James, Keith Fluitt, Gaura Vani, Satya Franche Carlson Straus and Karma Thendup

MUSICIANS: John McDowell–piano, drums | Paul Kuklinski–Bass| Anthony Molina–bass, organ, percussion

+General Credits

Produced by Lee Harrington, Anthony Molina, and Gaura Vani Buchwald
Mixed and Mastered by Anthony Molina
Recorded and Engineered by: Anthony Molina, White Light Studio, Kingston NY and Garrett Sawyer, Northfire Recording Studio, Amherst MA. Initial live recordings were engineered by Bill Meuhler of Vision Audio, Maryland. Additional backing vocals were recorded by Terry Derkach of VRTCL Entertainment in New York City; Danny Solomon in New Hampshire, and Jordi Rubau Solá in Spain

Franco Vogt, James K. Lindley, and Tara Sproc
EP Cover Art
Artist photo: Tara Sproc
Illustration: Diane Carty Bevis
Design: Lee Harrington
Layout and Typography: Kara Gilligan

Copyright © & ℗ 2015 Lee Harrington
PO Box 1250, Woodstock NY 12498
All music by Lee Harrington*
*Track 1 melodies written by HH Karmapa and an unknown source.
All rights reserved. Printed and manufactured in the USA.

+Special Thanks

This EP is dedicated to Ogyen Trinley Dorje, the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa. May my heart, my speech, my mind, and my actions always be aligned with yours.

I extend my deep and heart-felt gratitude to:

  • Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche, who gave his blessings to this project, that these mantras and the music may be of benefit to all sentient beings.
  • Gaura Vani Buchwald – for helping me to get this project going with his inexhaustible patience, humor, wit, grace, talent, and big-hearted kindness. Thank you for setting the tone, establishing these tracks, and guiding me on the path. May I always be a servant of the servants.
  • Anthony Molina – for his patience, tolerance, kindness, love, guidance and musical expertise. For being a sail on a boat my mind tried so often to anchor.
  • Lama Ani Lodro Lhamo – for her instructions on the Green Tara sadhana. and for all her kind guidance and coaching as I continue to refine my Tibetan pronunciation. Ani Chimey Lhatso, Drukmo Gyal, Lama Kathy Wesley and Jhola Techung also helped with my Tibetan.
  • Lamas Karma Drodhul and Lama Karma Thendup – being present during your “Western style” recording session remains is one of the best and most sacred memories I hold of this whole recording process. Thank you for blessing us at White Light Studio with your presence. May all beings benefit.
  • Ramdesh Kaur and Harnam Singh and the whole Spirit Voyage team. Thank you for bringing so much love, light, music and wisdom into the world.
  • To all those who have offered musical and music-business guidance in this lifetime, especially Nedra Olds Neal (who admitted me into her phenomenal Riverside Church gospel choir even though I could not read music); Ishwari Lynn Keller and Sruti Ram of SRI Kirtan, Calia Marshall, Helen Tocci, Paul Kuklinski, David Hykes, Silvia Nakkach, Elizabeth Tallman, Tito la Rosa, and Krishna Das.
  • Philippe and Lee Garnier and the Sage Academy of Sound Energy for bringing brighter sound currents into this world.
  • All my friends at Tibet House, Menla Mountain Center for Health and Happiness, Shambhala Mountain Center, Shambhala NYC and Karma Triyana Dharmachakra Monastery.
  • Dr. Nida Chenagtsang for teaching Tibetan Medical Mantras and Tibetan medicine, so that all beings may experience healing.
  • Drukmo Gyal Dakini, for singing on the 21 Praises to Tara and offering input on my pronunciation of the dedication. Drukmo, who hails from Tibet, recorded her vocals en route to Estonia at a small home studio in Spain. I participated in the session via Skype from Rhinebeck NY during the Omega Ecstatic Chant Fest retreat. Being new to recording, I find the fact that such a thing could occur a great and wondrous marvel.
  • Arya Tara, for Her swift protection and guidance throughout every stage of this project.
  • All the teachers who have offered inspiration in this lifetime: Khandro Rinpoche, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, Lama Kathy Wesley, Tsultrim Allione, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Amma, Karunamayi Amma, Ram Dass, Meher Baba, Paramahansa Yogananda, Neem Keroli Baba, Shyamdas, Radandath Swami
  • Robert Ohotto of Soul Connexions, Ramdesh Kaur of Spirit Voyage Radio and David Silver and Raghu Markus of Mindrolling podcast, whose daily wisdoms have helped sustain me on the path.
  • Special pranams to Tabitha Cawthorne and Sarah Garney, two brilliant goddesses who steered me through the crowdfunding campaign.
  • My special friends Deborah Garrett, Avinash Barnes, Jeddah Vailakis, Bella Salerno, Brenda Patoine, Renee Finkelstein, and Rev. Kim Lesley.
  • Barbara Boris and the Woodstock Yoga kirtan sangha. You are my soul family and singing with you has been one of the greatest joys of my life.
  • Adam Bauer, for his all-around bhav-liciousness and for providing shelter, warmth, dharma, and good company at his Tree Toad Farm for Wayward Musicians. The Buchwald family (complete with cute ferret), Krista Gita and Christopher Zember of Be Yoga in Maryland, and the Sawyer family also offered beautiful hospitality and lodging during this epic recording process, which took me up and down the East Coast several times.
  • Hariprakesh Kaur for providing love, warmth, shelter, green juices, and delicious dal during our epic recording sessions at White Light Studios.
  • Starbucks Coffee Company for the decaf soy lattes and the Hail Merry chocolate company for our daily chocolate tarts. And to any market that offers organic, non-GMO foods.
  • Chloe, my sweet canine daughter, who now walks in the Pure Lands. I know these mantras will reach you, my friend. May the entire canine nation experience happiness always and be free from suffering.
  • And finally, to all you beautiful people who contributed to my crowdfunding campaign. Your kind words and support mean more than you will ever know. May all beings benefit from your generosity.


Into The Beyond (EP)

Modern Renditions Of Ancient Buddhist Mantras2015

Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Soha (Beyond the Beyond)


You can purchase a signed physical copy of the EP directly from the artist (info below), or an unsigned copy through the Namse Bangdzo Bookstore at Karma Triyana Dharmachakra Monastery. Located in Woodstock NY, KTD is His Holiness Karmapa’s North American seat and all proceeds from EP sales go directly to His Holiness’s activities.  Please note that this EP is available only in limited quantities.


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