As an intuitive healer, I work with a number of healing modalities, including Pranic Healing (see description below), pranayama and breathwork, sound healing (vocal toning, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks) & mantra healing. Each session is tailored to each client’s individual needs and ultimately I follow Divine Guidance to help clear energetic blocks, balance the chakras, and harmonize the physical and energetic systems. I can also help each client tap into his/her own innate self-healing abilities, by recognizing and releasing destructive or limiting patterns, shining compassionate light on their shadow selves, and examining the true nature of the Self.

Each remote session is 60-90 minutes long and can be held by phone (USA), Whatsapp (International), Skype, or Zoom. Follow-up sessions are typically 30 minutes.

Rate for remote sessions range from $150 – $180/hour, billed in 15-minute increments.


To book a remote session, click here.


RHINEBECK, NY (Hudson Valley region) – Pranic Healing, Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing

In-person sessions at the Omega Institute are available by appointment, May – October. To book an in-person session at Omega and/or inquire about rates, click here and select Chakra Balancing or Energy Balancing. 

PHOENICIA , NY (Catskills region) – Tibetan Mantra Healing, Nejang, Meditation (groups or individuals), Tibetan bLa Massage, Kirtan (groups), Pranic Healing 

In-person sessions at the Dewa Great Bliss Spa at Menla Mountain Center are available by appointment, April – December. To book an in-person session at Menla and/or inquire about rates, click here


For the past several years I have been volunteering at local animal shelters, where I offer Pranic Healing and mantra-healing to the dogs. Animals respond very well to energy medicine (because they have no mental resistance to it) and I’ve offered support to dogs with separation anxiety, boundary issues, destructive resource guarding, fear-aggression, and rescue-dog specific behaviors that we humans would call PTSD. My work can also also help support wound recovery and some chronic illnesses. And finally, I can offer energetic support to your dog friend at his/her time of transition. To inquire about booking a remote healing session for your canine friend, click here. In special cases, in person sessions can also be arranged.



Experience the healing power of mantras from the Sowa Rigpa and Tibetan Buddhist traditions and receive instructions on pronunciation, posture, visualization, and application. 


Nejang (which translates as “cleaning the energy sites in the body”) is a Tibetan healing practice which combines prayayama (breathing-practice), gentle movement, and self-massage. Traditional nejang–with roots in both Tibetan medicine and Kalachakra tantra–consists of twenty-four gentle yet energetic movements–a series which balances the body’s internal energies, calms the nervous system, and relaxes the mind. Practiced long-term, Nejang is a whole-body tuner that can pacify existing medical imbalances, support physical and mental health and help prevent future afflictions, imbalances and disease. 

For centuries, this system has been used by Tibetan physicians as “prescriptions” for their patients, but the practice was not widely known in the West. Now, however, Yuthok lineage-holder Dr. Nida Chenagtsang is slowly making these teachings available to the public.  In 2020, Dr. Nida decided to officially certify approximately 80 international nejang instructors worldwide, with the aspiration that many people could benefit from these self-healing practices. I am blessed to be one of Dr Nida’s certified nejang instructors here in the U.S. 

Nejang is simply yet potent and profound. It can be practiced by anyone of any age, without strain or physical effort. Seniors in particular can benefit from this practice, as it can be done lying down or seated in a wheelchair. 

TIBETAN LUNAR (bLa) MASSAGE [FOR INDIVIDUALS (private healing sessions) OR GROUPS (group instruction on self-massage)]*

“bLa” massage is one of the subtle energetic treatments from the Tibetan Medical (Sowa Rigpa) tradition. This treatment helps to restore lost energy–lost bLa–through the gentle touch of specific points, combined with the visualization and chanting of potent seed syllables (mantra healing).

“bLa” energy is vital protective energy that pervades and constitutes our human body. While bLa is hard to define in Western terms, one could say that bLa protects and “determines” our essential life force. It is closely connected with our consciousness, and is also associated with lunar energy.

The proper flow of bLa energy gives us, strength, clarity, stability, vitality, bliss, and a clear complexion (to name a few). According to Tibetan Medicine, we can “lose” or weaken our bLa as a result of shock, emotional or physical trauma, chronic disease, traumatic childbirth, accidents, and even aggressive medical treatments performed at inappropriate times.  Symptoms of lost bLa include depression, sadness, fatigue, anxiety, brain-fog, confusion, dullness, sleeplessness, a dull or grey complexion and PTSD.

Fortunately, according to Tibetan medicine, bLa energy can be restored through rituals (often performed by lamas) and/or with the treatment of bLa massage. Even one session of bLa massage can leave you feeling balanced, restored, and more whole–more “yourself.”

Practitioners of TTM believe that our bLa energy circulates in our body according to the lunar cycle–thus, we offer and practice this treatment primarily on the full and new moons for optimum healing.  Appointments can only be booked within two days of any full or new moon.

* offered in-person only


Pranic Healing is a form of no-touch energy-based therapy that uses prana (also known as Chi or vital life force) to improve one’s physical health and emotional/mental well-being. Founded by Filipino master GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui, Pranic Healing is contemporary system of energy healing–calibrated specifically for this age–which draws upon elements from such ancient Eastern healing systems such as Huna, Kabbalah, Christian mysticism, Ayurveda, the teachings of the Rosicrucians and the lineage of the great Tibetan master Padmasambhava. During your session, the therapist will scan your physical and energetic systems–including the chakras and your aura–to locate areas of energetic imbalance and/or diseased or “stuck” energies, and then direct healing prana, or life force, toward those targeted areas of the body. Pranic Healing helps accelerate your body’s natural healing abilities, increases vitality, and restores balance and harmony to the system. You’ll feel calm, cleansed and rejuvenated after just one session. For more extreme physical imbalances and/or post-surgical recovery support, multiple appointments are typically required.


In the world of energy healing, it is understood that negative influences in one’s energy field (ie: negative thought forms, false beliefs, deeply ingrained habitual patterns) can cause anxiety, grief, irritability, addictions, depression, phobias, obsessions, compulsions, violent anger and other psychological problems. In Pranic Psychotherapy, the healer uses Advanced Pranic Healing methods to identify, cleanse, and disintegrate these psychic energies and impressions. Contaminants are removed from the the chakras and auras, which are cleaned, restored and shielded against future negative influence. Typically multiple sessions are required–depending on how deeply the psychological imbalances are ingrained–but one session can leave the client feeling fortified, cleared and restored.


Lee (Mirabai) Harrington is a vocalist, author, teacher, yogi and healer based in New York’s Hudson Valley. A gifted intuitive with a warm, compassionate style, Lee offers custom energetic healing sessions using elements of pranic healing, Medicine Buddha, vocal toning, mantra, tuning forks, aromatherapy and crystals. She believes that everyone has the ability to heal themselves–and help heal all sentient beings–and her goal is to instill that confidence in others. She has studied energy medicine and spiritual development with Deborah King, Damien Wynne, Paul Selig and Qala Sri’ama Phoenix and many more visionary teachers. She is certified as an Advanced Pranic Healing and Pranic Psychotherapy from the schools of Pranic Healing as taught by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui. She has studied vocal toning with Jonathan Goldman and chakra tuning with Steven Halpern. At the Sage Academy of Sound Healing, Lee studied the art and science of tuning forks of John Beaulieu, Tibetan bowl therapy with Diane Mandel, crystal bowls with Philippe and Lea Garnier. She has studied and practiced healing mantras from many traditions, including Vedic, Native American, Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, and–most recently and most profoundly–Sowa Rigpa (Tibetan Medicine). She continues to deepen her practice and skills in the Sowa Rigpa lineage under the guidance of Dr. Nida Chenagtsang and Eric Rosenbush. A long-term student of Tibetan Buddhism, she has studied with HH the 14th Dalai Lama, HH the 17th Karmapa, Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche, Mingyur Rinpoche, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, HE Khandro Rinpoche, Bob Thurman and many others. She is also a devotee of Amma and the Divine Mother in all Her forms.   In 2020, Lee completed a traditional 100-day retreat of the Yuthok Nyingthig (Tibetan: གཡུ་ཐོག་སྙིང་ཐིག་, which translates as The Heart Essence of Yuthok) cycle–a complete set of teachings of Medicine Buddha’s Annutarayoga Tantra.  Lee is also a certified Nejang (TIbetan Self-Healing Yoga) instructor and received direct transmissions in the teachings from Yuthok lineage master Dr. Nida Chenagtsang. It is her connection to her gurus, yidams and dharma that helps guide each healing session. 

As a kirtan vocalist, she has sung mantras at Madison Square Garden for His Holiness Karmapa and for the Indian saint Amma at Amritapuri. She has offered kirtan and workshops at such venues as Omega Institute, Kripalu, Yogaville, Sivananda Bahamas ashram and more. Her debut album of mantra music, BEYOND THE BEYOND (distributed by Spirit Voyage records in 2016), placed in the top ten iTunes world music charts and was included on several “best of” lists for conscious music that year.

A passionate dog-lover, Lee has been offering pranic healing and mantra healing to the dogs of Ulster County SPCA as a volunteer for the past several years.

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