“Shiva Shakti” Ranked #4 in Best Conscious Music Awards 2017

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Every year, Soul Traveller Radio (a wonderful operation based in Australia) hosts a listener-driven “Best Of” in which listeners vote for their favorite tracks/artists featured on STR in any given year.  I was surprised and delighted to learn that my track “Shiva Shaki” placed fourth amongst hundreds of truly amazing artists, including names like Trevor Hall, Cat Stevens, U2, Van Morrison, Ziggy Marley, Shrikala, Johanna Beekman, Kimberly Haynes, Adam Bauer, Jai Uttal, Tina Malia, Mike Cohen….it’s an amazing list of nominees. Ranking first, second and third were Dhanya, Jahnavi Harrison, and the Mayapuris—all of them wonderful Bhaktas —so I am truly honored to “rank” right behind them.  Here’s a link to “Shiva Shakti” if you want to check it out, which features dancers such as Vrinda Sheth.



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